Children's Day Special Cookies Gift Pack

CHILDREN'S DAY SPECIAL🎈 Pre Order is now open. Children's Day Gift Cookies at special price Choose Pack: - 6 pieces cookies (bite size) - 1 large cookie  (3 inch diameter) Choose Cookies Flavours: - Peanut Butter Funfetti - Chocolate Chip - Double Choc Chip - Salted Caramel - Red Velvet - Pandan Raisin - Pandan Chocolate Chip Each Pack comes with Children's Day sticker 1 Pack at $2.50 each (minimum order 6 pack) Buy 30 Pack or more at $2.20 each Buy 70 Pack or more at $2 each WhatsApp for details or to order. #Halal #Homebake #Muslimowned #childrenday #children #kids #childrensday #love #child #happychildren #kidsgifts #giftideas #gifts #kidsgiftideas #giftsforkids #gift #shopsmall #handmade #giftforkids 


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Hari Raya 2021 Pre-Order

  We are delighted to announce that Hari Raya 2021 Pre-Order is now open. Last day order is 30 April 2021 or until slots are full. Orders $120 and above will get Free Delivery.